QRB Labs hosting and colocation


Colocation service consists of data center space, internet connectivity, power and all necessary infrastructure in secure facilities. Customers have remote access to their servers via VPN, as well as physical site access for installation and maintenance of their servers, at no extra cost.

Colocation prices

Colocation is priced at a flat rate per server month. Any infrastructure downtime will be fully credited on a pro-rated basis on the monthly fee, i.e. 1% downtime results in 1% credit on the monthly fee.

max power
per server
of servers
3.5 kW 144 $128
  288 $116
  1152 $109
6.0 kW 144 $200
  288 $188
  1152 $182

server dimensions max (mm)
Width 430
Length 195
Height 292

For non-standard sizes, power and number of servers, please contact us: info@qrb-labs.com.

Hands & eyes

We also provide optional “hands & eyes” services, whereby our technicians will do on-site repairs, upgrades, handling etc. on demand for the customer, at $30/hour.

Service agreement

See Server Colocation Agreement.